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100 Prompts

Author: Serafina
Prompt: Apology Letter to Ms. Linhart
Submitted by: Ms. Linhart herself
Genre: Humor, Sarcasm, Cynicism

 #2.  state which lab rules were broken and what you think should be done to ensure the situation is never repeated

#3.  apologize to your teacher and to your classmate — the one who might have been seriously injured



Dear Ms. Linhart, 

I am writing to inform you of my deepest regrets and sincerest apologies concerning the occurrence during our third period lab on June 2, 2011. 

I would like to begin by revisiting the incident in my perspective: 

Ms. Linhart [you] read to us our lab. We then got into groups of three. Afterwards, majority of the class began to reread the lab in order to avoid future confusion while amidst our experiments. The other part of our class rambunctiously went to obtain sets of safety goggles for their groups. Then Ms. Linhart briefly lectured the class for being careless. We then continued with our lab.

At first, I will admit, I was confused as to what occurred. However, seeing both Ruben Cuatrona and Erin Hong wet with NaOH after you lectured us briefly, I understood what happened. 

Safety is key in a lab [before, during, and after]. Quick thinking and fast action is also necessary. I will be the first to admit that my fellow classmates that opted to grab the safety goggles should have been more careful. Mostly because the graduated cylinders, filled with NaOH and HCL, were dangerously close to the bucket of goggles. They should have been able to foresee an accident occurring and thereby either moving the bucket of goggles further - much further - away from the chemicals and someplace safer OR approaching the bucket with much more dignity and less immaturity than the teenage stereotype everyone associates with sophomores. Second, our class as a whole needs to learn how to act and think on their feet. I believe that we took too much time to react to the situation as Erin and Ruben were in dire need of an immediate washing. If an event such as this were to occur once more, I propose as a class we work on acting quickly to help the person or people in need. 

So I now apologize profusely to Ruben and Erin for not being able to foresee such events occurring and putting them in danger by not thinking to move the bucket of goggles further from the graduated cylinders. I also apologize to Ms. Linhart for my lack of ability to anticipate the rowdiness of my fellow classmates amongst containers of chemicals that resulted in putting, not just one, but two students in danger. And lastly, I apologize to everyone in my class for not acting quickly enough from behind my desk, where I was overwhelmed with confusion, to help Erin and Ruben immediately after the contents of the cylinders fell upon them.

My deepest apologies.

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