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100 Prompts.

Author: Serafina Claremond
Story: Gotcha, pt.II
Prompt: #4

Author’s note: haha. yeah. This fulfills my twice-a-month requirement. Sorry for the lateness…D: Here’s my part two!

Gotcha, part II. 


He was all tied up. 

“Babe, I tried to warn you,” she mock-chided. “I told you I wouldn’t hurt you if you didn’t try run.” Her voice was sickeningly sweet. She walked around him towards the door. 

“Well, you could always let me go right now.” He spoke slowly, keeping his eyes on her back. “You don’t have to let it end this way. You have a choice.” 

Anya slammed her fist on one of the tables that had broken during their little spat a few minutes ago. “I never had a choice,” she seethed. “If you hadn’t left me, things wouldn’t have to be like this.”

He grimaced as he gathered the courage to ask, “Why is that?”

She turned slowly towards him, a dreamy glaze clouding her eyes.  “This was where we first met. Where we shared our fist kiss. This is where everything happened. It’s where you left me.” She kept her eyes on his. “A few weeks after you left…I tried to kill myself. Numerous times, babe.” He took a sharp breath. “I was in love with you. And you left me,” her voice escalated. Anya stopped and picked up the handgun that seemed at place on top of one of the rusty tables. She whispered,”Why did you have to leave? Things were so perfect for us.

We had plans. Then you left. Then he walked into my life and told me to find you. To kill you. I don’t have a choice anymore because he loves me now. He loves me. And if killing you means he won’t ever leave me, then so be it. He won’t leave me. Not like you did.” The tears slowly trailed down her cheeks, glistening in the shreds of moonlight traveling through the broken windows.

She pointed the gun. “Anya, don’t!”

And pulled the trigger.

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